International Real Estate Certification – Never Lose a Client

As a realtor you make your money off your clients. So what happens when your client wants to move out of your state or even out of country; you lose years of potential sales with that client. But not anymore.

When you become a member of Global Marketing Agent™ you make every client of yours a client for life. With our International Real Estate Certification you gain the ability to legally borrow listings from other realtors around the world, and sell the perfect property to your client anywhere in the world.

It’s that simple. All you need is permission from the listing agent (where the property is located), the sellers, and the global marketing agreement. After this the property is all yours to borrow and sell. What is so great about the Global Marketing Agent™ certification, is that once you have permission to sell the property you become fully authorized to market, promote and advertise that listing however you want.

Don’t worry about not being an expert on the area either. As a member of Global Marketing Agent™ you are part of a community of international realtors that want the best for each other. Our priority is selling property and keeping clients happy, this means sharing not only listings but also insight. Every agent has their own expertise and every one of them is willing to advise you on how to best sell their listing.

Getting your international real estate certification from Global Marketing Agent™ is a win – win – win situation. You will finally have the assurance and capability to keep your clients forever, you get extended exposure when other realtors use your listings, and you gain knowledge of real estate around the world.

Never lose a client again.

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