A Global Marketing Agent Certification Equals More Clients

Have you been trying to break through into the real estate industry for some time now? Are you looking for a way to break through the ordinary limitations of the real estate business by becoming a Global Marketing Agent? Our Global Marketing Agent certification can provide you with the exclusive materials you need to know about so that you can legally borrow listings so that you can “leverage listings,” gain an edge on your competitors by having three listing presentation packages, and you can tap into the luxury and expired markets. It’s truly time to expand your business by becoming a Global Marketing Agent and securing global listings.

You may be asking, “Why should I join?”

Our currently waived one time enrollment/certification fee of $360 plus an additional $19.90 per month gives you a Global Marketing Agent certification that allows you to: 

• Gain the global credibility & perception you want, regardless of how established you already are.
• You will be able to legally borrow & leverage listings from other global marketing agents and market them your own.
• You can co-market your seller’s properties across the globe by offering different types of listing presentation packages.
• You’ll be able to secure listings anywhere around the world!

Think about this: if you secure just ONE listing in your 1st year using your Global Marketing Agent certification, you’ll have already paid for the certification 7 times over! Then, if you’re able to secure 1 more listing in your second year using your Global Marketing Agent certification, you’ll have paid for your certification 17 times over! There’s no reason not to start today.


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