Obtaining Your International Real Estate Certificate

If you have been searching for a way to increase your income, you may want to take a look at international real estate. Real estate opportunities are constantly popping up in different parts of the world. Local Realtor certifications and licenses only allow you to have certain listings in your immediate area. As the world grows, you should grow with it.

With the International Real Estate Certificate from Global Marketing Agent™, your real estate career will know no boundaries. You will soon learn how to borrow listings from other realtors around the World. As your real estate business grows, so will your clientele. When you receive your international real estate certificate you can start listing homes all over the world. When a previous client needs finding the perfect home in a different state or country, they can turn to you!

After your certification you will be allowed to borrow listings from other Global Agents. People no longer move within a 50 mile radius of where they grew up. Move with your clients while maintaining a home base of operations. When you begin to leverage other listing from Global Agents, you will gain credibility and soon clients will be flocking to you for help. Also, “borrowing” listings from other Global Agents will not negatively impact your clients. Their commission structure will remain unchanged. Listing with a Global Agent will ensure that your clients property will be seen on a global stage. This may even give your client a better buyer!

Check out what Global Marketing Agent™ can offer you. Visit their online site to find out why you need to become a Global Agent and the steps you must take. You’ll soon see your business and reputation skyrocket!

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