Take Advantage Of The International Real Estate Market

Here at Global Marketing Agent, our team is comprised up of international real estate veterans from all over the world and former corporate acquisition lawyers. We’re here to help you finally break through in the international real estate market and the first step is getting your international real estate certification. There are opportunities everywhere within the international market and there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of them. Whether you’re catering to Americans looking to purchase property overseas or new people looking to move to the U.S., Global Marketing Agent will provide you with the certification, the knowledge, expertise, research, network, and tools to globalize and grow your business.

Once you’re a member of Global Marketing Agent, you’ll learn how to re-brand yourself and your business as a Global Agent. You will also learn how to legally borrow listings from other members which gives you instant credibility and the perception of being global. Get more listings by simply offering your sellers 3 different types of listing presentations: local, national, or global. You will instantly tap into the luxury and expired markets that will open a world of opportunities to you and you’ll be able to assist your clients anywhere around the world whether they’re buying or selling without having to acquire a state-specific real estate license.

You get this and more all for only $19.90 per month because our initial fee of $360 is waived! Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your business, make more money, and open more doors for you and your family.


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