Learn About Borrowing Real Estate Listings

As a local real estate agent we are sure that you are used to listing, finding, and selling properties. Within local real estate, one lists an available location. You may even split the commission on a property with another real estate agent. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to leverage or borrow real estate listings? Your business might go through the roof!

Within conventional real estate, there are three different types of listing contracts that are available. First, there is the “Exclusive Right to Sell.” This is a contract that a seller signs into that guarantees the real estate agent will receive a commission if the home is sold within a certain amount of time. Second, we see an “Exclusive Agency” agreement. This means that the seller is under a time contract with the listing agent. If the listing agent sells the home then they receive a commission. If the seller finds their own buyer then the agent is not owed a commission. Last (and most uncommon) is the “Open Agency.” This is where a seller can list their property with more than one agent or agency. A commission is only paid to the agent who brings in a buyer.

You’re probably pretty familiar with these contract types. Now, what if we told you that you could leverage other agent’s listings and use them as your own? No, it is not illegal. This is 100% legal and only Global Marketing Agent™ can teach you about borrowing real estate listings! Through the GMA™ certification, you will join a market of over 7,000 agents who are willing to let you leverage their listings! Once you receive permission from the listing agent you can begin to market this listing as your own! Live locally, do business globally! You will never miss out on clients again!

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