What is the Global Marketing Real Estate certification™?

It is a certification empowering real estate agents to dominate in local, national, and international markets, creating clients for life! It is also, for real estate agents who want to become “A Global Agent, NOT Just a Local Agent”.

What will I learn once I become a certified member?

You will learn how to first and foremost re-brand yourself and your business as a “Global Agent”, how to legally borrow listings from other members which will give you instant credibility and the perception of being global, get more listings locally by offering your sellers 3 types of listing presentations (local, national, & global), instantly tap into the luxury & expired markets, and how to assist your clients anywhere around the world buying or selling without having to acquire another real estate license in that state, province, or country.

Is this certification for experienced real estate agents only?

No. This is a very versatile program, new agent or experienced, good economy or bad, you will be able to find tools and systems for all.

Why do I need global exposure? And how is the Global Marketing Agent™ certification’s exposure different?

We live & do business in a global economy! Technology and social media has made the world smaller, we all have our own personal website, frequent social media on a daily basis, so being a global is really not an option these days, it is a MUST!

One of the main reason on how this certification will give you the tools to stand out is by legally leveraging properties from the membership, co-marketing your local listings to the world, and represent listings from anywhere around the world with the unique global marketing agreements that were created for you to be protected as well as establishing the relationships to do so. Having your website and social media outlets are great, but unfortunately you are only relying on your “Friends & Family”, how can you reach further? The answers are in the truly unique concept of the Global Marketing Agent™ certification.

Once I become a Certified Global Marketing Agent™ what are the next steps of implementation for my business?

• Implement the GMA™ logo & badge in your marketing materials, website, announcements on social media, etc…
• Change your listing presentation (add GMA™ slides in your presentations).
• Get comfortable with scripts for your clients.
• Take leverage listings to get familiar with the forms.
• Join GMA™ social media & network.
• Look for international groups in your local marketplace to network and show off your global credibility.
• Promote luxury listings and market your local luxury market.
• Attend the free virtual group classes.
• You must be pro-active and use your certification on every listing appointment you have, social media, website, whom you meet, etc.

Why would I want as an agent to have listings outside of my marketplace? And, in areas I have no knowledge or licensed?

As an agent you want to have listings outside of your marketplace because we live and do business in a global economy so why just be a “Local Agent” when now you can be a “Global Agent”. Once you have the permission from the listing agent where the property is located as well as the sellers and the global marketing agreements you are fully authorized to promote, market, advertise that listing. The knowledge and expertise always comes from the agent where the property is located and you rely on them for the information needed to promote that listing in your market area as your own.

How will these leverage listings make me money?

Leverage listings will make you money by gaining credibility and the perception that you are a busy global real estate professional, and it will open more doors for you locally to take listings and offer the unique marketing concept of the global marketing agent. Look back at when you started as an agent and doing “Open Houses” on Sunday to attract buyers with a listing that was not yours but someone in your office let you borrow their listing to gain potential buyers. It was and is a win-win situation for you and for them it’s extra exposure.

Is this legal?

It is absolutely legal once you have written permission and the global marketing agreements.

It is absolutely legal once you have written permission and the global marketing agreements.

Once you secure your first one, why stop there! Get 10 to 15 listings and create a tab or tabs on your own personal site with “Click here to view my local listings”, “Click here to view my nationwide listings”, and “Click here to view my international listings”. As a header on your site ad slogans such as ”Ask me how to market your properties to the world?” Promote the listings on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Active Rain, Linkedin, YouTube, etc… At the end of your email signature ad “Ask me about my new listing in Mexico”, e marketing flyers, networking events, listing presentation folder, etc…

What I am allowed to do with them?

Once the agreements are signed, you are allowed to market and promote that listing in accordance with the instructions of the “Actual listing agent”. Promote in your MLS, or similar automated systems, social media, etc., all should be clearly outlined in your agreements.

Listing presentations for your local sellers with the GMA concept?

Why would I want to offer my sellers the global marketing agent™ exposure when my company’s website is global?

The GMA™ concept is truly unique and your sellers will be very impressed by actually workers with your “partners” wherever in the world it makes sense to promote market, advertise, and find potential buyers for their property. The internet and technology has changed everything, but it is also too vast, partnering up with global marketing agents is a direct approach to creating exposure.

My sellers will not go for different commission structures?

Once you will feel comfortable with the concept and the objections your sellers will completely understand why and how it will not affect them until an offer is on the table, there are NO risks until a buyer from outside of their market place wants to buy but it is obviously a positive result.

How is the GMA™ concept going to benefit me and my sellers?

For you the agent it will make you stand out from your competition as a truly “Global Agent” being able to bring solutions and buyers that most local agents cannot do. You will have the ability to create your own army of agents and bring global exposure for your sellers. Your sellers will be provided with a true global reach and it won’t matter what price range they are in; EVERYONE wants global exposure.

Is it legal for other agents to co-market my listing?

It is absolutely legal for other agents to co-market your property as long as you have the written permission from the sellers and the right global marketing agreements.

How is the GMA™ concept going to get me more listings?

Very simple, by offering a different value proposition that other agents you are competing against will not have.

Luxury listings and how to get into the luxury business?

My company allows me to post my listings on our luxury section and luxury magazine?

In today’s world the internet provides so much information, which is often too much, when posting a listing on a site or your company’s site.

This is a good start but not all the answers for a unique property. The magazine and newspaper business are quickly going away as the internet has replaced the way we get information. When you post a listing on your site or company’s site there is NO announcement to your database or your company’s database that YOU have a NEW listing, so the exposure is ONLY IF AND WHEN a buyer looks for a specific property. Magazines, as you know, are very costly and prices keep going higher and higher as printing and the internet are making things challenging for that industry. My question to you, is why rely and spend money on what is now becoming outdated or even just hoping that the right buyer will look at the right time!

Be pro-active with the GMA™ systems and network.

I have never listed a million dollar listing so why will the sellers trust me?

You are absolutely right. Most luxury sellers will rarely give you their listings if they know you have NEVER listed or sold that kind of property. So how do you get that credibility and perception that you are an agent of luxury caliber? The process to establish that with the global marketing agent is VERY simple, contact GMA™ members who have million-dollar listings and ask for permission to leverage those listings to your local market and database. Start implementing a marketing campaign to your higher-end local market and all of your clients and they will perceive you as their luxury agent.

The GMA™ fee structure for high-end listings is too much, no sellers will agree?

We have to agree that most luxury properties do stay longer on the market they need more exposure than a regular listing. This is a fact. Most luxury buyers in any markets around the world rarely come from your local marketplace. The answer is the GMA™ concept…Here is an example of why most luxury sellers will agree to give you more fees on their properties. Let’s take the scenario of a $1 million listing, in most markets this price range will stay longer and most likely need a price reduction after 60 days . The first price reduction on a listing of this price will be $50,000. If we go back to the 6% listing example, $50,000 reduction on a $1million listing is 5%, so when the seller says to you it is time to do a reduction, you will simply say not yet, let’s calculate the amount of the reduction into percentages and let’s add the percentages on top of the original local fees to create the GMA™ structure and entice luxury agents in favorable markets around the world to find us buyers or buyers’ agents for your property. This is obviously pure math and not rocket science. Your luxury sellers understand the market and the fact that most luxury buyers come from different states, provinces, and countries.

Most million and up dollar listings are supposed to stay longer on the market?

The economy in the last few years has dictated that but this is for you now as a certified global marketing agent to bring different solutions to these problems. Many buyers are wanting to invest millions of dollars in real estate in certain countries due to the suffering economies, immigration purposes, investments, etc…Don’t wait and make excuses, take action and co-market your luxury listing directly with your new GMA™ partners wherever in the world!

It is expected to spend more marketing dollars when listing these exclusive properties so why are you different?

Most of the time the most effective things in marketing are the less expansive, i.e referrals from your database, open houses, etc. so let the GMA concept and network make you stand apart and offer your luxury clients several options to globally exposed their property and find buyers from a global pool rather than just local.

It is expected to spend more marketing dollars when listing these exclusive properties so why are you different?

Most of the time the most effective things in marketing are the less expansive, i.e referrals from your database, open houses, etc. so let the GMA concept and network make you stand apart and offer your luxury clients several options to globally exposed their property and find buyers from a global pool rather than just local.

How do you secure listings outside of your local market place?

Is it legal?

Yes, it is, Article 11 of the code of Ethics of NAR says: (paraphrasing), you can market real estate located outside of your marketplace and not be licensed in another state, province, or country IF and ONLY when you create a partnership, in writing, with the licensee of broker where the property is located.

Why would I want to do that when I have no expertise or knowledge in that area?

More ROI for your client and yourself. Implement lead generation from your database, through social media. You will have the opportunity to re-connect with friends and family who live outside of your marketplace, so the real question is, why not make money on your entire database worldwide, rather than just making money locally!

How will I attract my clients to give me their listings outside of my marketplace and for them to trust me?

The best and easiest way to let your clients you can help them anywhere & everywhere is by first leveraging listings from outside of your local marketplace using the “Leverage listing” process of the GMA™, and promote those listings to your database through your website, social media, and word of mouth. Once your clients see you have listings all over the world you will gain that instant credibility and perception that you are truly a “Global Agent”.

Why would my clients give me their listings outside of my marketplace when they can just go to a “Local Agent”?

Once you go through the GMA™ training and gain the confidence of your new abilities you will quickly realize that your clients will have far more advantages to list with you rather than JUST a “Local Agent”. That agent locally can only do so much, but you have global reach from your own marketplace and from there you will create the marketing structure for your clients without traveling or attaining the license in the state, province, or country.

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