Why Get Your International Real Estate Certification?

Are you ready to get more listings and give more buyers access to your listings? It’s so simple: get your international real estate certification! International real estate opportunities are truly everywhere. Consider this: new people move the United States from other countries every day and foreign-born people residing in the United States move to other markets. Americans in our current market are investing in properties overseas.

Normally our one time certification and enrollment fee is $360 but we’re currently waiving that fee to allow more people to be able to advantage of this awesome opportunity. That means that you’ll only have to pay $19.90 per month! This puts your first year of your Global Marketing Agent certification at less than $250! You can’t beat that deal. After securing your first listing using your Global Marketing Agent certification, you will get more than 7 times back on what you paid initially for your certification.┬áThen, if you secure just ONE more listing in your second year using the GMA Certification you will have paid for the GMA Certification 17 TIMES OVER!

What will our Global Marketing Agents learn how to do?

  • You will gain the global credibility and perception you want, regardless of how established you are.
  • You will be able to legally borrow and leverage listings from other Global Marketing Agents and market them as your own.
  • You’ll be able to co-market your seller’s properties across the whole globe by being able to offer different types of listing presentation packages.
  • You’ll also be able to secure listings all over the world.


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