What is a Global Marketing Agent™?

Real estate agents can be extremely helpful when you are buying or selling a home. Each and every one of them must receive a state or provincial license to represent buyers and sellers in their area of business. These individuals become the face of the real estate market since they are the ones who list and show the homes. Typically real estate agents work off of a commission-based salary, no sales=no income.

Successful real estate agents thrive off of their ability to successfully list and sell properties. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, real estate agents in 2013 earned a median salary of $39,8000 with the top 10% of agents making $98,000 or above. Becoming successful is a matter of hard work and dedication.

If you are already a Realtor and would like to boost your income and overall presence, you need to take a look at what Global Marketing Agent™ can do for your business. A GMA™ certification will gain you global credibility by allowing you to list properties not only in your area, but internationally as well. Co-marketing seller’s properties across the globe will mean that your current and past clients can always keep a Realtor that they trust. With this certification you are no longer a local agent, you are a global agent!

Once you have completed your course and paid the yearly dues, one additional home sale will pay your fees a few times over! Think, people from all over the world will have the ability to see your name next to a home posting that they are interested in. Keep up with the way the world works, do business on a global level not just a local level!

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