Why Should I Join?

It’s Simple. You Will Get More Listings, and More Buyers Will Have Access to Your Listings.

The GMA Certification is only $360 plus an additional $19.90 per month, meaning that for the first year the GMA Certification cost only $598.80. With this certification you become an international real estate agent.

Global Marketing Agent is the only company in the world that provides the necessary legal documents that enable you to leverage and share properties between real estate agents. These documents alone have a value of over $200,000!

If you secure just ONE more listing in your first year using the GMA Certification you will have paid for the GMA Certification 7 TIMES OVER! Then, if you secure just ONE more listing in your second year using the GMA Certification you will have paid for the GMA Certification 17 TIMES OVER!

Agents who become certified learn how to:
• Gain the global credibility you want, regardless of how established you already are.
• Legally borrow & leverage listings from other global marketing agents and market them as their own.
• Co-market their seller’s properties across the globe by offering different types of listing presentation packages.
• Securing listings anywhere around the world.

Best International Real Estate Program For Agents & Brokers

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See What Our Members are Saying:

“No words can describe the major impact in accelerating my career in real estate since becoming involved with your International Real Estate Specialist Program. Upon listing a high end property in Florida and becoming a global marketing agent, I have been given credibility to market high end homes on a worldwide basis through your website and international contacts. This edge has been instrumental in obtaining high-end listings, and has become a significant tool to save on local advertising costs. Therefore, as a RE/MAX agent in Canada, I am fully and completely endorsing your program as a leading edge innovative approach to international marketing and would encourage RE/MAX International to adopt your program as a recognized certification standard.”

Peter Taylor – Canada

“Thank you for all that you do for us to expand our businesses. I am excited to be able to use this designation and have already been able to tout it on two listings and a possible third one!”

Mary Denton, Realtor Denton, TX

“When I read the article “Global Expertise” I was immediately excited by The Mevellec Team’s approach to International marketing. So I joined the network I am fairly new to the Real Estate world and I was looking for a different way to promote my services. I found it thanks to GMA and the training material. Just a few weeks after I became “Certified” I signed my first listing over one million $ 1,950,000 property with an agreement for international brokerage.”


Pierre Chevalt – Québec, Canada

International Real Estate Marketing Benefits