Global Marketing Agent™ certification

Global Real Estate Presence

Forward thinking is one of the ways that real estate agents keep their business booming. In order to stay current and relevant one must understand what direction the real estate market is moving. It is important for a real estate agent’s income that they find repeat clients within a good real estate market. Agents make the… read more

Learn About Borrowing Real Estate Listings

As a local real estate agent we are sure that you are use to listing, finding, and selling properties. Within local real estate one company (or one agent) lists an available location. You may even split the commission on a property with another real estate agent. Have you ever thought about what it would be… read more

Why Is Global Marketing Agent™ Right For Me?

We hear this question all the time “why is Global Marketing Agent™ the right fit for me?” It is very simple really. The Global Marketing Agent™ program is the only one of it’s kind. It is a continuation of the I.R.E.S program that was set into place in 2007. The real estate world is not… read more

Increase Your Income With Global Marketing Agent™

There are very few people in this world that would not like to increase their yearly income. Money problems are some of the toughest problems to deal with. The world can be a harsh place to live when you have insufficient funds. If you would love to learn how you can increase your income, visit Global… read more

How Can I Increase My Presence?

Real estate can be a highly competitive and dog-eat-dog business. Each and every agent is vying for position when it comes to listing and selling properties in their area. No matter what type of city or town you work in, there are a limited number of listing and more than enough Realtor professionals. Sometimes it… read more